Hubert Scheibl - RIFFS OF REAL TIME

11.11.2015 - 18.12.2015

Images of the Exhibition


The Riffs of Real Time exhibition at Galerie Jahn gives an impressive insight into Hubert Scheibl’s artistic oeuvre over the last few years.

Scheibl’s works can be seen as expressive gestural abstractions, as imaginary coloured pictorial spaces that present powerfully unleashed movements and dynamic processes in overlapping and repeated transparent yet simultaneously interwoven coloured layers through the perceptible use of the body. They evoke the effect achieved at the very moment the pictorial invention comes to a standstill, of the continuous upheaval during image composition constructed on renewal and change, where the principles of replacement and supplementation and calculated chance during the creation process are equally declared as the compositional strategy. As an intuitive expression of permanent transformation and struggle captured on a static media with colour and form, they are simultaneously a visual symbol of (self-)development and the impermeance of all being. His works are like restlessness frozen into a balanced composition and can therefore be understood as a pictorial echo of nature with its irrepressible elemental force, as an artistic expression of the earth’s driving forces ensconced between growth and decay, expansion and resistance. (Dr. Veit Ziegelmaier)

Hubert Scheibl, born in Gmunden in 1952, studied with Max Weiler and Arnulf Rainer in Vienna. In the 1980s he was a member of the Austrian “Neue Wilde” (i.e. New Fauves) group of artists, whose large format pictures are characterised by a unique defiantly abstract painting style with broad, wild brushstrokes in exuberant colours.