Christine Liebich - Dark Knight - Stahlbilder

14.11.2018 - 21.12.2018

Images of the Exhibition


Galerie Jahn is pleased to present the "Dark Knight" exhibition with new works by the young artist Christine Liebich. Steel works made of coated steel, cut and welded to produce relief-like images of great virtuosity are on display. Spheres are being shown as floor sculptures in addition to the various wall works, which all impress with their graphic and relief-like sculptural quality.

The pictures and sculptures are made of cut structural steel without exception. This structural steel is cut by the artist herself, placed in position and then welded. Despite the material’s heaviness and rigidity, the results are works of great lightness and elegance. The graphic style and lightness of the sculptures’ appearance capture the viewer from the very beginning. The sculptural impression created by the structural steel combined with the cut sharp ridges creates a relief character. They are not gentle or graceful but sharp, heavy and precise. At the same time they have something ostensibly light and alive. The individual steel elements create a tension that is comparable to body surface tension. These bodies are very precisely defined and inspire you to examine them for their possible narrative, depictive content. But you end up sticking with an abstract picture made of steel.  It’s more the concept of drawing a stroke, of a drawing style that expresses itself in the way we’re familiar with from painting. A stroke, a genuine painting style by the artist and in fact in steel. This is always recognisable with Christine Liebich and gives the works something totally unique. 

Galerie Jahn is expanding its program with another promising position with the sculptor Christine Liebich.

Christine Liebich was born in Landshut in 1987 and studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. She completed her studies as a master’s student under Prof. Axel Kasseböhmer. She lives and works near Munich.