Paul Schwer - Nordstream 3

17.06.2023 - 27.08.2023

Several installation works will be on show at two locations – at the Putbuser Circus and at Kap Arkona. A failed attempt to borrow a Nordstream Tube from the German ministry of commerce is what prompted the installation´s name. Since Paul Schwer was unable to obtain one he decided to simply built a model of a Tube as a module for several installations throughout Germany. Through this artistic process Paul Schwer was able to extend Nordstream 2 into “Nordstream 3” and evolves the issue into a complex game of aesthetical experience, commerce and ecology. Referencing the architecture of the Circus square in Putbus he developed the tube in a octagonal shape and made it approachable for visitors. The Sculpture increases the issue of the permeable boarder by letting nature pierce through by having the bean “Blaue Hilde” creep up the sculpture’s frame.The ruin of the old signal horn tower at Kap Arkona however, is partly covered and invites the visitor into a protected inner space, where the walls are marked with Paul Schwer´s stencil works, which show amongst other things buildings by the architect Müther as well as an icelandic hut on a glacier.