Paul Schwer - Nordstream 3

17.06.2023 - 27.08.2023

Paul Schwer continues his examination of Ulrich Müther this year with a multi-part art project. In 2022, the artist from Düsseldorf had already realized an impressive sound-light installation in the Binzer Rettungsturm. The starting point of his renewed approach is Ulrich Müther's handling of the architectural body as a boundary between inside and outside. A theme that the Rügen master builder has implemented in exemplary fashion in buildings on Rügen. The rescue station, for example, approaches a dissolution of the building body in relation to the sea and sky, while the "diving bell" of the bus stop in Buschvitz, which is conceived in a contrary way, excludes the outside space and offers a shelter.

On Nordstream 3, installation objects by the artist will be on display at two locations - on Putbus Circus and at Cape Arkona. The title was inspired by the artist's attempt to borrow one of the redundant Nordstream pipes from the Federal Ministry of Economics. Because this was not possible, he decided to recreate the tube shape as a module of various installations in Germany. With his artistic exploration, Paul Schwer expands Nordstream 2 into "Nordstream 3" and involves the theme in a complex play of aesthetic perception, economy and ecology. As a reference to the architecture of the Rondellplatz Circus in Putbus, he developed this "tube" from an octagon and made it walkable for the public. Planked with translucent colored panels, recycled screen prints, perforated sheets, and stretched grids, the boundary of the reclining sculpture remains open and expands depending on the incidence of light and the angle of view. The sculpture intensifies the theme of the permeable boundary through the intrusion of nature, in that the bean " Blaue Hilde" (Blue Hilde) grows up the frame on one side. The ruin of the former signal horn tower on the high shore of Cape Arkona, on the other hand, is partially enveloped and invites visitors into an accessible, protected interior space, the walls of which are marked with stencil images showing, among other things, Müther buildings and an Icelandic refuge on the glacier.