Paul Schwer - Künstlerräume und Porträtfotografien. Sammlungspräsentation

20.08.2023 - 04.02.2024

Beginning on Sunday, August 20, works from the museum's own holdings will be reassembled under the title "Artists' Rooms and Portrait Photographs. Modern and contemporary works illustrate in monographic artist rooms selective stations of art development since 1945. The museum's own collection holdings and permanent loans from the Ganteführer Collection as well as other loans are combined with photo portraits of the protagonists. The cross-medial interspersion with documentation in photos and film vividly illustrates the relevance of outstanding classical positions for the present: these are painterly positions of the Informel such as Peter Brüning, Emil Schumacher, Hann Trier or Gerhard Hoehme up to the contemporary, as it were painterly sculpture of Paul Schwer. Paintings and objects on the one hand, and portraits from the studios on the other - this is how a classic museum exhibition becomes a 'work with author'.