Paul Schwer - Gefährten (Fellows)

19.11.2023 - 17.03.2024

After 32 years, 111 curated exhibitions, 82 catalogs, 3 renovations and a name change for the museum, Dr. Ulrike Schick is leaving the Museum of Non-Objective Art for her "permanent vacation".

She leaves behind a program-oriented space that gave international artists a forum, a school of visual and sensual perception that lived the term 'educational institute' through the high quality of its exhibitions.

Her last exhibition 'Companions' bears witness to an exciting long journey, in which friendships with the artists developed alongside the connection to her oeuvre. It illustrates and tells of those who were and are not only companions along the way but also allies in spirit.

The exhibition sees itself as a retrospective of her work, which is also intended to set a benchmark for the future.